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Basic Coatings Players Choice One - Gloss, 5GAL

Product ID: BAB1659-0512

MFG: Basic Coatings
MFG Part Number: B1659-0512

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$308.18 / 5GA
Player’s Choice™ One is a one-component clear waterbased floor finish specifically formulated for sports floor applications. Player’s Choice One provides an exceptionally durable and chemical resistant finish without the use of an external catalyst.
* One component
* Clear, Non-Yellowing Urethane
* No limited pot life or finish wasted
* Colorless, clear finish clarity
* Excellent chemical and perspiration resistance
* Easy to maintain
* Superior flow, leveling and low foam formula
* Low non-offensive odor

Tech Specs:
Color - Clear
Coverage - 550 to 700 sq. ft./gal
Dry time - 2 to 3 hours
Recoat Window - 2 to 24 hours
Warranty - 1 year
Light traffic - 24 hours
Full cure - 7 days
Rugs - 2 weeks
VOC - Less than 275 grams/liter