GlitsaMax Semi-Gloss 2, GA

Product ID: GL270112.SG-01

MFG: Glitsa American
MFG Part Number: 270112.SG-01

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$140.33 / GA
Maximum body, maximum build, maximum performance.
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GlitsaMax utilizes a polycarbonate resin that gives it high impact strength and clarity-the same resins used in motorcycle
helmets and bulletproof glass. The unique full-bodied feel of the GlitsaMax finish allows it to glide across the wood. You can see and feel the difference the moment you pour your starting puddle on the floor-no watery splash. Rollers, Brushers and T-Bar finishers all rave
about how well the finish glides across the floor and flows and levels. Working back into a wet edge is much easier; the full-bodied, thick GlitsaMax formula allows more open time than typical waterborne finishes, giving it more time to flow and level.