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Glitsa Microfiber Maintenance Mop Kit (18")

Product ID: GL5100

MFG: Glitsa
MFG Part Number: 5100

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Mopkit made especially for homeowners.
Glitsa Maintenance Mops were specially created for homeowner use. What makes the Glitsa Maintenance Mop unique are the two different types of microfiber pads that are included. One pad is specifically designed for dust mopping and the other for damp mopping. The damp mopping pad has a longer microfiber loop that gently scrubs the floor while effortlessly gliding across it, instead of becoming a sticky mess. Together the microfiber pads work great to clean dirt, scuff marks, pet hair, and spills. The quality aluminum-telescoping pole and angled swivel action mophead are excellent for cleaning hard-to-reach places on hardwood floors, wood laminate, tile, marble, linoleum, vinyl, and more!