Borders, Brass, Cork, Medallions and Registers
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Around a room, an island in the kitchen or a dining room table, decorative borders add a unique accent to any room. Consider the possibilities . . . you may amaze yourself . . . as well as others.
Cork for underlayment and expansion gaps
A decorative medallion can transform an ordinary hardwood floor into a dramatic design element. At your entryway, in your family room or anywhere you choose to express yourself, the possibilities are unlimited.
Most vents are in stock in birch, red oak, white oak and hard maple in the standard sizes listed. Standard thickness is 3/4" except for bamboo which is 5/8". Non-standard thickness must be specified at time of order and will have an additional charge. ALL WOOD VENTS ARE SHIPPED SANDED AND CLEAN; READY FOR ON-SITE FINISHING.
Showing 1 - 6 of 6
Items from brands such as Oshkosh Designs, Ecore and Grillworks.