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Clarke BOOST floor pads 28" X 14" blue (for cleaning)

Product ID: CL-997006

MFG: Clarke
MFG Part Number: 997006

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Rectangular shape to provide consistent contact across the cleaning path. Fits Clarke Boost 28" scrubbers
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Benefits of using BOOST® Technology:
• 50% - 70% less water consumption
• 50% - 70% less chemical consumption
• 25% increase in battery runtime
• 40% increase in pad life
• Strips floors using only water - no chemicals!
• Less down time because of fewer empty and refill cycles
• Cleaner floors equal more effective burnishing to extend strip and re-coat cycles
• Reduced noise levels to improve operator safety
• Close edge cleaning reduces secondary manual labor
The savings over conventional disc scrubbers pays for itself
and your next scrubber, while performing everyday scrubbing.