Bona Conditioning Pad, 16"

Product ID: BONA-AAS19522203

MFG: Bona
MFG Part Number: AAS19522203

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$79.73 / CASE/10
The Bona Conditioning Pad is designed for use on waterborne finishes but works equally well on solvent-based finishes. The conforming nature of the pads makes them ideal for most wood floor finish surfaces ensuring optimum bonding and the smoothest possible final coat.
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Bona Conditioning Pads can be used with siafast Delta Sheets for additional abrasion to eliminate grain raise.

• Will not leave unsightly scratches/swirls
• Abrades finish surfaces thoroughly for uniform appearance
and good adhesion
• Will not mark or burn the finish surface
• Cleans easily by vacuuming
• Long wear life compared with other competitive pads
• Glides smoothly over finish surfaces
• 320-grit Bona Conditioning pad
• 16” (also avilable in 20” diameter)