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Product ID: ZIPKT20
Zipwall - 20' (2 Zipwall units w/ 20' poles)
MFG: ZipWall
MFG Part Number: 641877-111224
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20' ZipWall Kit, (2 spring loaded poles that extend from 6'9" to 20'), 2 grip disks & 2 tethers).
Kit includes: 2 - 20 ft. extension poles, 2 spring-loaded jacks, 2 grip disks, 2 tethers Poles extend from 6' 9" to 20'. Spring loaded plunger (called the jack) screws onto the end of the pole and adds a foot of reach. Can be used in area with ceilings up to 21'. Poles can be placed 8' to 10' apart. If there is any significant air movement that pushes the plastic, you will need to pull them in closer together, anywhere from 4' to 8'. Two GripDiskT slide stoppers come in every Kit 20 package.

Plastic sheeting is not included.